Welcome to my ---under construction--- landing page :) .. thanks to Dementia, almost everything takes me longer to do and complete but it is all good & helpful for me and I enjoy re-connecting my swiss cheese memory leaks / holes to each other - tho they do not always quite match to each other.

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I love the peace and serenity of nature. One of my goals as an artist is to inspire the awe I feel seeing a sunrise or sunset. When I listen to music while painting, it may be anything from country, rock n roll, instrumental harps, new age, classical or jazz to recorded sounds of nature. I am also learning to play the keyboard to make my own music :) I LOVE trees and my artwork is full of many flavors of trees .. from surreal to kind of realistic!

Painting is painting traditional or digital require technique, attention to detail, composition, perspective, experimentation and willingness to put passion into your painting.
I painted this tree special just for my new website in Dec 2018. I had registered my new domain name .. no plan for what would happen here - just that I wanted to start with the name :) My Whimsical Trees will grow into a Forest - this website will grow/change like all websites do over time :)
Blue Tree
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